Materials alone don’t make a product sustainable, but they do make up a large portion of a product's environmental impact. Discover our approach.


Our blankets are made with Good Earth Cotton® sourced from their farm in Moree, Australia.

The program is certified climate-positive, meaning it captures and stores more carbon than it emits.

Good Earth Cotton is grown using regenerative farming practices that focus on improving soil health and yield, with data collected directly from the farm to track changes over time.

Crops are harvested with minimal disruption to the soil and plant waste is left on the ground, acting like a mulch to reduce erosion and increase moisture retention.


The yarn is dyed with OEKO-TEX® certified dyes, ensuring they meet strict environmental and health safety standards.

These dyes are free from harmful chemicals and allergens, making them safer for both consumers and the workers involved in the manufacturing process.

Additionally, the use of these dyes reduces environmental pollution, as they require less water and energy compared to conventional dyeing methods.