Sun-drenched days on Rottnest Island


Here’s the lowdown on this perfect Western Australia day-trip. Grab your mates, hop on the ferry (just 30 minutes from North Fremantle!) and go make some sweet memories.

If you’ve got a bike bring it with you on board. Otherwise hire one when you arrive, from Pedal & Flipper. They’ve got you sorted for either a push or electric bike. Rottnest is the perfect place to cruise around on two wheels, beach-hopping with the wind in your hair. There are no private cars allowed on the island, just a bus that does the rounds. Keep in mind it is a bit hilly - so limber up!


For those who like their beach days with a side of adrenaline, venture around the southern point of the island for some gnarly cliff jump spots.

A little walk off the beaten track there and you’ve also (practically) got your own private beach. Throws in tow, the crew spent all day flying into the aqua and lounging in the shade with good tunes. Note that this spot on the island is only a treat with a northerly wind. Low to no wind even better.

If the rock jumps aren’t exciting enough, you might as well go all out and skydive over Rottnest with Skydive Geronimo. Those views are insane.

Enjoy being land-bound more? Then don’t miss out on getting a #quokkaselfie and checking out some of the cracking beach bars and cafes. The sunset and sunrises are epic on Rottnest too.

What doesn’t this place have?!


Timing-wise try for summer or at least the shoulder months with no school holidays (less packed). October-November and February-March is when you’ll most likely see us perched up (yes on a rug) on Rottnest island. Getting those warm rays and then cooling off with a swim.. nothing better!

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