5 Ways to Style Your Throw at Home


Long story short, the throws fit into any interior scenario beautifully. We’re biased of course but the proof is indeed in the pudding with this one - especially after having styled our throw in dozens of homes, Airbnb’s, apartments.. you name it. The pop of colour, the ability to style your space around the throw - is what we think makes our throws so special.


1. On the bed

The large size throw fits perfectly on a Queen sized bed and will spruce up your room with gorgeous tones. Look to our beige, orange and brown designs for a more bohemian feel, or match the Fern throw with some bedside plants for a natural and organic look.

bohemian green throw rug styled on bedbohemian throw rug styled on bed

2. As a tapestry

Let your throw shine loud and proud as a piece of wall art. A few wall hooks, a rod and/or string, and you should be set! A tapestry set-up would work perfectly as a living room centrepiece. Arrange some trinkets or frames around it on the same wall to turn up the style dial.

Feeling experimental? Hang your throw from the ceiling for a drapey and dreamy look. Would look stunning in an intimate space.

bohemian throw rug wall tapestrybohemian throw rug as a tapestry

3. On the couch

Simple but effective. Try out some different folds, spread the throw evenly along the couch as a cover - whatever looks and feels right for you. Throws on the couch work amazingly aesthetic-wise, but also serve to wrap around you for those cosy nights in.

bohemian throw rug on the couchbohemian throw rug on couch

4. As a table spread

Protect your precious furniture and add a splash of boho by splaying out a throw. Small size throws work best to cover and style those coffee table pieces. A very cool way to contrast your room especially if the couch or surrounds are more neutral and understated.

bohemian throw rug in the living roombohemian throw rug in the living room

5. Keep it grounded

This is the way to go if you’ve got floors screaming for a makeover, and you don’t want to reinvent the wheel for a style change. A throw on the centre of a living room floor will give it life in ways you didn’t know possible.

Bohemian orange throw rug on floor with womanBohemian orange throw rug on floor

So there you have it! Interior decorating made simple and fun. Hope you’ve found these five ways to style your throw rug at home helpful.


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