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girls on throw rugs at the beach

Which rug size is right for you?

Small vs large - an important yet exciting choice when picking out your Naming This Later throw rug. This blog post is here to help you make an educated decision. Keeping it short and sweet.

A small NTL throw rug in the outdoors is best suited for those solo expeditions, hikes and the like. Big enough to enjoy a nice lay down on, but it’s going to get crowded real fast the moment someone thinks about joining you. Bringing into the home and you’d find that it would work perfectly as a tapestry or throw for the couch.

man sitting on orange throw rug at the beachgreen bohemian throw rug tapestry

Where you’d consider a large is for anything with friends. Beach days and picnics for example - you could have a few mates on the same rug and still fit a neat spread in the middle. Perfect! For the home, a large NTL throw rug would fit snug on a queen bed. Juuuust right.

orange throw rug on the bed with minimal interiorgirls at the beach laying on bohemian throw rugs

About 2/3rds of our community shop for the large size. If we’d had to guess why, it’s likely because the bigger the rug, the more versatile. Hope this helps swing you one way or another! Don’t hesitate to hit us with any more q’s on Instagram or at


woman standing on orange bohemian throw rug in the forest