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Bali jungle airbnb film photo

Via Damay | Indo on Film

As of just a few weeks ago, quarantine-free travel to Indonesia is back on the cards for millions of Aussies! We reached out to our uber-talented friend Via to spotlight her beautiful work, and to get the lowdown on her favourite photo locations.

surfer film photo indonesia

She’s a curious soul who got into film photography as a way to detach from digitalisation and the over-editing that has come through new camera tech and software.

Seeing the way old school photographers were shooting back then, and creating incredible images straight out of camera, inspired Via to strip it back. She captures real, unplanned, happy moments. Nothing retouched or people caked in make up here. 


Sunset ocean film photo of Bali


The female form, picnics at the beach with friends, surf sessions, cliffside sunsets, parties - life’s simple joys. 

Uluwatu picnic film photojungle airbnb film photo bali indonesia

Although the learning curve is steep with film, Via has honed her craft with a few key tools. Nikon F5, Nikon FM1, Nikon Zoom Lite 100W and a Canon AE 1 - to be precise. The love for analog photography is real! 

Bohemian bali bedroom film photoUluwatu beach film photo indonesia

Talking locations - Via raves about South Bali and the area around Uluwatu. A sunrise can’t be beat in these parts, where the ocean looks super glassy in the morning (she always preps shoots for the AM). 

The holy grail though for her though is in Lombok - a quick 40 minute flight from Bali. Here the beaches are still empty and there is a lack of infrastructure giving the environment a more raw and untouched feel. 

Bohemian bedroom bali film photo


If you’re inspired by Via’s work like we are, make sure to check out her website and Instagram.