The Tree Planting Initiative

The Tree Planting Initiative

We’ll be the first to say it - we’re not perfect. We’re not claiming to be. The road to becoming carbon positive is a long one, but we’re here for the long haul - so that works for us! We’ve got our sights set on that B Corp certification as well don’t you worry.

We did our deep dive into becoming a carbon neutral (and positive) business, and found that for start ups like us, planting trees is one of the best ways to tackle rising temperatures and climate change.

With ten trees planted for every Naming This Later throw rug sold, our partners at Ecologi and Eden Reforestation Projects have been doing AMAZING things.


Not only do the trees help offset our emissions from manufacturing the throw rugs and running our business (did we mention one rug sold = ten trees planted 😉), local communities are being engaged in the thousands - with fair wages and education around agriculture that will serve them for generations to come.

So to recap, by planting trees for every rug sold, we:

Restore forests (43,470 trees planted on our behalf in Madagascar and counting)

Create jobs (Eden Reforestation Projects is empowering over 8,800 employees in Madagascar alone with fair wages)

Protect ecosystems (these folks are learning how to nourish and maintain these project sites)

Help mitigate climate change (and help keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C)


Achieving these multiple outcomes with tree planting is pretty darn cool (at least we think so!) and we can’t wait to see how the forests we’re planting, grow as the years pass.

Check out our tree planting progress here.

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